[RPG] How does the attack proficiency bonus stack with multiple sets of weapons training?


I am creating a drow ranger. They're at 3rd level, and it's my first time playing.

Their attack score is proficiency + ability + other bonuses.

They have Drow weapon training which includes shortswords, rapiers, and hand crossbows. My ranger class gives me simple & martial weapons training.

Does that mean their attack score is (2+2) + ability + other bonuses?
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Best Answer

Training proficiencies don't stack.

It means 4+2 (ability and proficiency) as your ability is 18 for a rapier, or a hand crossbow, or a long bow, or a short sword. There are no other bonuses unless you left some out in your question.

The overlap between Drow and Ranger proficiency in weapons does not add / stack proficiency.

If you had made a Drow wizard, the wizard would have the same race based weapon proficiencies -- short swords, rapiers, hand crossbows -- which is a good deal since a normal wizard does not.