[RPG] How is being hunted by a tyrant a flaw


So I'm a new DM and my friends just made their characters. One of them chose a flaw from the rulebook that confuses me. It's part of the "Folk Hero" background and reads like this:

The tyrant who rules my land will stop at nothing to
see me killed

How is this a flaw? Every other flaw listed in all backgrounds are negative aspects of a personality or some bad characteristic. This one just states a bad man wants you dead, which is neither negative nor an aspect of one's personality.

My (sort of) problem with this is that you end up with a character who doesn't have any real character flaws, which makes it a lot more bland.

Am I reading something wrong or is this flaw kinda dumb?

Best Answer

The intention of that flaw is to provide a plot hook for YOU, the DM! You now have the opportunity to pursue the party with the agents of the said tyrant, and disrupt their plans at inopportune moments. While personality traits are clearly directly linked to personality, ideals, bonds, and flaws are a little more nebulous, and can be linked to outside influences, or, in this case, threats.

You may wish to ask your player to describe who this tyrant is, and how they managed to fall into disfavour with them. Perhaps this story will reveal a flaw of the character as well. For example, they may have performed some act against the tyrant, on behalf of the people. That is a good indication that they are a moraliser, who might not always see the full impact their actions might have. Perhaps, as a result, the tyrant took it out on the character's original town?

With this information, you would have a ready-made BBEG for one (side) arc of your campaign.