[RPG] How long do Channel Divinity effects last


What's the duration of Channel Divinity effects?

Best Answer

The description of the particular option tells you.

Many are "instants":

Destructive Wrath, Guided Strike, Preserve Life, Radiance of the Dawn, Turn the Tide, War God's Blessing

Until the end of your next turn:

Cloak of Shadows

1-minute duration (though some have other end-triggers, such as taking damage or a repeated save):

Abjure Enemy, Arcane Abjuration, Charm Animals/Plants, Invoke Duplicity, Read Thoughts, Sacred Weapon, Turn Faithless/Undead/Unholy, Vow of Enmity

10-minute duration (ditto):

Knowledge of the Ages

Until successful save:

Nature's Wrath

Until incapacitated/dead/forcibly removed from area:

Champion's Challenge