[RPG] How long does it take for owlbears to mature?


As a druid I tamed an Owlbear Cub, and was wondering how long it would take for it to be helpful in battles.

Best Answer

I found no information regarding the age of Owlbears.

I searched my old books (Editions are in the list below). I searched my old magazines (Dragon & Dungeon - covering 2nd and 3.5 Edition). I couldn't find anything on the lifespan of Owlbears. I couldn't even find anything about their ages in World of Warcraft d20, where there are multiple species of Wildkin.

What I would do as DM

I would base their age off something relatively their size, and found in the same wilds... Brown Bears.

  1. Brown Bears typically live to be about 25 years in the wild, according to National Geographic.
  2. Brown Bears are typically considered an adult at the age of 6, according to National Park Service.
  3. Brown Bear cubs leave their mother around two and a half years of age, according to Bear Life.

As a 'mature' cub, I would give the owlbear half the hit dice and damage statistics one size category lower:

D&D 5th Edition

  • AC: 12
  • Hit Dice: 3d10
  • To Hit: +3
  • Claw Damage: 1d4
  • Bite Damage: 1d4

D&D 4th Edition

  • Don't own any 4th Edition Material. Unable to configure.

D&D 3.5 Edition

  • Hit Dice: 3d10 (Rounded Up to give the second feat)
  • Natural Armor: +2
  • Claw Damage: 1d4
  • Bite Damage: 1d6

AD&D 2nd Edition

  • Hit Dice: 3
  • AC: 7
  • THAC0: 17
  • Claw Damage: 1d4
  • Bite Damage: 1d10

AD&D 1st Edition

  • Don't own any 1st Edition material. Unable to configure.

D&D (Original) (Greyhawk Supplement)

  • Hit Dice 5
  • Armor Class 5
  • THACO 14
  • 2 Claw attacks (1d 6 each)
  • 1 Bite attack (1d12)
  • Special attack: Claw attacks that score 18 or better cause 2d8 additional damage.

As a mature adult, statistics as normal for an owlbear.