[RPG] How long would it take for me to train the animal companion to use a shortsword


I am using the UA Revised Ranger in one of our D&D games. I am currently 2nd level and have had my Ranger animal companion from the start instead of summoning him at 3rd level (the wolf doesn't gain the conclave features until 3rd level, as ruled by my DM). He is a normal wolf.

I am training him to use a shortsword during down time. I am going for the concept of Sif the Great Grey Wolf from Dark Souls, who holds the sword in his mouth, but with a much smaller sword.

Sif the Great Grey Wolf from Dark Souls: a giant wolf holding a sword handle in its mouth

I am also getting him armor through barding. I have talked to my DM about my ideas, but he never told me how long it would take. By only training during down time, how long would it take for my wolf to become proficient with the shortsword without interfering with adventures? This is not for use in Adventurers League.

Best Answer

There are no rules in D&D 5e for training an animal companion to use a weapon

The ranger's animal companion is meant to be used as-is. If your animal companion is a wolf, then the wolf's stat block will be provided to you by the DM. (I believe the wolf's stat block is at the back of the PHB). Other than what you see on the stat block, there are no other features or abilities you can give to the wolf other than through your ranger's class features as they level up, or if you homebrew some rules with your DM.

Side note: If I was your DM, I would not let a wolf use a sword, or any other weapon.