[RPG] How many Actions are allowed per round in DND 5e for a 2nd level Rogue


Focusing on the Rogue actions, are these all allowable for a single Round? Could there have been any other actions taken?

5e Starter Set Encounter begins:

  • Fighter (lvl 2) engages 3 Ruffians in Melee.

  • Rogue (lvl 2) hiding behind a pillar 10 feet from 3 Ruffians.

    1. Action: Move 10 feet to perform Sneak Attack with Shortsword getting 2d6+3 (extra 1d6 Sneak dmg).
    2. Action: Offhand Attack with Longsword + 1 getting 1d8+1 dmg. (<– does Sneak dmg apply here too?)
    3. Action: Disengage (Cunning Action lvl 2 Rogue)
    4. Action: Moves 10 feet back to Pillar.
    5. Action: Use Item: Drink Potion of Healing.
  • Other PC's / Ruffian actions.

  • End of Round

Best Answer

Each combatant gets 1 action, a bonus action if they have a power to use it, a reaction and movement equal to their racial movement ability.

The rogue has way too many actions.

On action 1, do they have advantage or a buddy in melee? If so then they get SA. Action 2 if they have used SA, they don't get it again. Their bonus action is used to make this attack (see note below, this cannot be done with the longsword). Action 3 is impossible as they have no actions remaining. Action 4 is permissible, though it would provoke an opportunity attack. The rogue is left with some remaining movement but nothing else to do.

Also unless your rogue is human, and has taken a feat at L1, it cannot attack with TWF using a longsword. TWF requires light weapons be wielded in both hands.

So we have:

  1. Action: attack
  2. Bonus action: attack with off hand weapon
  3. invalid, both bonus and regular action used.
  4. Ok, but eats opportunity attack
  5. invalid, both bonus and regular action used.