[RPG] How many anthropomorphic animal races are there?


I am world building for a Pathfinder campaign. In the world I'm building, I'm thinking about there being a continent extremely linked to nature — most civilizations being primitive, with the landscape surrounding them remaining as natural as possible.

I'm thinking about this continent being inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, to represent how close this continent and those on it are to nature itself.

Is there a complete list of "furry" races in Pathfinder, counting third party content?

Best Answer

Catfolk - cat

Ghoran - tree/plant

Gnoll - hyena

Grippli - frog

Kitsune - fox (can also appear full-blood human)

Kobold - lizard

Ratfolk - rat

Syrinx - owl

Tengu - crow

Trox - insect

Vanara - monkey

Here are some honorable mentions:

Merfolk - half-fish

Nagaji/Reptoid/Vishkanya - lizard-folk

Orang-Pendak - sentient apes

Strix - humanoids with bird wings

Wyvaran - winged lizardfolk (if you have any flying lizard enthusiasts in your group)

Those are from Paizo. I don't know of any third-party.

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