[RPG] How many arrows can an archer carry/bring with him


What would be a realistic number of arrows for an archer to have/carry/bring with him? Dozens or hundreds?

Best Answer

If we're talking about how many arrows an archer can carry, I'd say it's limited only by carrying capacity - if you want to fill your backpack up with arrows, good for you.

I suspect what you want is: how many arrows can an archer fire in one encounter? (Keeping in mind that getting an arrow from a quiver is essentially "free", as opposed to retrieving something from a pack). At that point, I'd probably rule you're limited to two quivers - one on the hip, one on the back. If you don't have a backpack, I'd probably let you have a third (on the opposite shoulder). Once you've exhausted those, then I'd say you'd have to take actions to retrieve another quiver from your pack.

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