[RPG] How many attacks does this dragon have per round


I created a dragon for my group and am interested about its attacks during a fight. The detailed statblock can be found here.

Am I right that the dragon has two attacks per round, since his BAB is higher than 5 and smaller than 11?
So – as a standard action – can he attack in one round with his bite and with both claws, or just his two claws?

Is he able to cast ghost sound and attack with both wings in the same round as a standard action?

When using a full round action, how many attacks can he do?

As you can see, I'm quite confused about the number of attacks per round (for a standard action or for a full round action)

Best Answer

Natural attacks work completely different than attacks with manufactured weapons. You get one attack per "natural weapon", but you do not get iterative attacks for high BAB.

[...] You do not receive additional natural attacks for a high base attack bonus. Instead, you receive additional attack rolls for multiple limb and body parts capable of making the attack (as noted by the race or ability that grants the attacks). [...]

In your case, the dragon can, as a full-round action do all the attacks listed under

Melee bite +15 (2d6+7), 2 claws +14 (1d8+5), 2 wings +12 (1d6+2), tail slap +12 (1d8+7)

Or any one of them as a standard action. That means 1 bite, 1 claw, 1 wing or 1 tail slap, at the bonuses and damage listed above.

Bite and claws are primary natural attacks, which means they are made at full BAB+Str (+1 for the bite because of of weapon focus). The wings and the tail slap are secondary natural attacks, which means they are made at -2, due to the multiattack feat the dragon has.

Using the ghost sound SLA is a standard action in and of itself, so it can't be combined with any attack that round.