[RPG] How many enemies can I hit with a Cloud of Daggers


Cloud of Daggers has an area of a 5' cube. If I cast it on a group of enemies standing together (in adjacent "squares" if you use a battle map), can I affect more than one enemy with the spell? For example I cast the cloud between two enemies, and both are half in the cube, so the cloud deals damage to both at the start of their turn?

Best Answer

If you're not using a grid, a 5' cube will usually have a single target. DMG249 has a table giving recommendations on the number of targets in an area of effect; for a 5' cube, this value works out to be one target. If enemies are standing shoulder-to-shoulder, it falls under the "add or subtract targets based on how bunched up [they] are." Regardless, it's a judgment call by the GM.

If you're using a grid, the answer is unclear; probably one or two targets. DMG251 says you pick an intersection of squares/hexes as an origin, which means that you can overlap a maximum of four 5' squares with a 5' cube (with 1/4 of the cube in each square). It also says that in the case of a circular effect, it affects a square if it covers at least half of it. Cubes aren't circular, but the implication I see is that a 5' cube can, at maximum, affect two adjacent 5' squares.