[RPG] How many enemies can one Lvl 1 PC handle


In the start of my adventure the PCs will not be together. I plan to have all them fight 1-3 encounters alone before finally meeting up. I read in the book about setting encounters but the minimum I saw was a party of three, nothing about being alone. They are of course all lvl 1. Their classes are Figher, Ranger, Sorcerer and a Cleric.

All the encounters will take place in a not so dense forest covered in fog.

Some more char info.

The Cleric has 13STR 10DEX 15CON 13INT 15WIS 18CHA
Feat is Quicken Spell

The Fighter has 18STR 12DEX 15CON 13INT 13WIS 10CHA
Feat is Power Attack, Cleave

The Ranger has 11STR 15DEX 16CON 10INT 15WIS 10CHA
Feat is Alertness

The Sorcerer has 13STR 15DEX 16CON 14INT 14WIS 19CHA
Feat is Spell Focus

I want them to fight animals, undead and maybe even demons if possible. The theme is mostly dark and dreary foes.

Best Answer

The results are going to be highly variable, and depend on the situation, and depend a lot on the critters facing each PC, along with the way the PCs are built. Any PC built to depend on someone else (for instance, the Sorcerer, depending on his spells, or the Ranger, if he is built for ranged combat) will struggle more, and should probably be allocated less opponents than the others.

The basic way to do this, though, is to take the XP allowance for a typical party at this encounter level, and divide by 5 (since encounters are based on 5 PCs normally). If you want an average encounter for level 1 PCs, this would be 80xp. A single raven or lizard are worth 65xp. Working the other way, a single Kobold (100xp) looks to be between CR 1 and 2 for a single level 1 PC, and a single Goblin is just over a CR2. A Hard encounter at level 1 is a CR4 encounter, which would translate to 240xp for a single character, which would be slightly more than a pair of Kobolds.

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