[RPG] How many sets of Dwarven Forge do I need to start with


I'm not saying I have the kind of cash for dropping on my RPG that Dwarven Forge is asking, but I'm wondering if anyone here has actually played a campaign using them, and how many kits you'd need to make a moderately complex dungeon – the stuff I see on their site seems to indicate that you'd probably only get one room or so out of a given kit.

Best Answer

I love my Dwarven Forge!

That said, you are correct. Buying only one set is basically a tease. You will spend way too much time breaking down each room to build the next one. If you are running D&D 4th, you want big spacious interesting areas to fight in most of the time and one set just won't work very well at all.

I recommend 3 sets to start: