[RPG] How many spells can a level 1 wizard learn


I’m kind of new to the game and I want to make a wizard, but I can’t understand the part of the hero’s handbook (pg.29) where it says:
“Pick a number of spells from this page equal to 3 + INT”

I have 17 + 3 INT, so what do I do?

Best Answer

You know 6 spells as a first level wizard

On the Beginner Box's Hero Handbook about 1st level wizard spells (page 28), it says:

Pick a number of spells from this page equal to 3 + INT. These are the spells in your spellbook. Write these spell names in the Wizard’s Spellbook area of Section K on your character sheet.

But the key to understand this bolded formula (3+INT) actually lies earlier in the book, on page 13, about Ability Scores:

Use your ability scores and the table below to figure what your Ability Modifiers (also called Ability Mods) are. When you see an abbreviation like STR , DEX, CON , INT , WIS, or CHA , that means your Ability Mod (–5 to +5), not your Ability Score (1–20).

So, whenever you see the ability's name abbreviated and full caps, it means your Ability Modifier, not your ability score.

Your intelligence is 17, that means your intelligence's ability modifier (INT) is +3. So you know 6 spells as a first level wizard.