[RPG] How much can saddle bags hold


I'm not seeing any stats in the PHB. What is the limit that saddle bags on a horse can carry? If there's not any definitive stats would it be OK to assume that each saddlebag is similar to a backpack?

Best Answer

I couldn't find any definitive stats either, but given the cost and weight, you should assume roughly double the capacity.

For the math on why it's double despite not being double the weight, essentially it's because volume increases faster than surface area. If you assume the same thickness and density of material, you can use the weight of the object as an estimate of it's surface area. You can then solve for the sack's volume by assuming it to be a sphere, and while it's impossible to know the units, the volume you get with a surface area of 8 is 2.14 compared to 1.05 from a surface area of 5.