[RPG] How much can you carry using the Fly spell


A caster casts fly on himself. How much weight can he carry? The spell doesn't say.

I am hoping for some rules-based guidance, but what has worked for you would be useful as well.

Best Answer

There are no special rules for a flying creature's carrying capacity, whether flying naturally or via a spell, so you just follow the normal rules found on page 176 of the PHB.

This is also unofficially backed by Jeremy Crawford, one of the lead designers for 5e, in a pair of tweets from May 2016:

Q: What are the rules for creatures carrying friendly PCs? e.g mage polymorphed into giant eagle carrying allies? (5e)

A: See "Lifting and Carrying" in the Player's Handbook (p. 176) for rules on carrying capacity.

Q: Are we to assume no adjustment for flying vs walking?

A: The carrying capacity rules make no distinction between walking and flying creatures.

Even though there's not mention of magical flight, there's still no other special rules to govern that.