[RPG] How much can you fit into a portable hole


A Portable Hole (DMG I p.264) is described as being 6' in diameter and 10' deep, which translates to over 282 cubic feet or just over 8000 liters of empty space. But unlike the Bag of Holding (DMG I p.248) which has a weight limit, or the spell Hoard Gullet (Dragon Magic p.68) which has both a weight and volume limit, the Portable Hole is merely limited by its volume.

So how do I know when a Portable Hole is full? Do I have to calculate the volume of each item before putting it in there (and disregarding how to optimally use the space I've got)? Or is there a weight limit somewhere that I missed? Or is this just not mentioned in the rules? I'd rather not haul around a full bathtub for measuring purposes, you see.

Best Answer

There are no limits. The portable hole is simply massive. Once you have one, you're supposed to be well beyond the point where tracking storage space has any meaning, and the lack of specific rules is supposed to indicate that you just don't worry about it. It's huge. There's enough room. You're a high level adventurer; don't you have more important things to be worrying about?

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