[RPG] How much damage does a level 1 monk’s unarmed strike do


If a Monk fights only with their fists at level 1 and has only one attack during their Attack action, do they do 2d4 damage because they're using both hands? Or is it only one hand per attack? Meaning he would need to be level 5 where he gets the Extra Attack feature to do the same thing?

Best Answer

One unarmed strike does 1d4 (+ attribute modifier) damage for a first level monk.

An unarmed strike doesn't necessarily have to be a hand/fist attack. It could also be a head-butt, a kick or something like that.

The monk could use its bonus action to do an additional unarmed strike for another 1d4 (+attribute modifier) with its Martial Arts ability. Each attack requires a separate attack roll.