[RPG] How much damage does the weak wizard’s dagger do


My wizard's strength is 5 which means his mod is -3, and I don't add proficiency to my damage/type section, so am I correct in stating my damage with a dagger is 1d4-3?

I have never played a character in 5e before so I'm new to this experience.

Best Answer

This is true for most melee weapons, but not the dagger.

Your damage will be partially determined by the weapon you use. If you're using a quarterstaff your damage would be 1d6 - 3 (one-handed) or 1d8-3 (two-handed) thanks to its versatile property.

Finesse weapons, such as a dagger, may use dexterity instead.

Some melee weapons (such as the dagger) have the finesse property. For these weapons, you may use your dexterity modifier instead of your strength modifier.

Ranged weapons use your dexterity modifier.

If you're using a ranged weapon, such as a sling or crossbow, you'll use your dexterity modifier instead of your strength modifier.

Spells typically do not get a damage modifier.

If you're using a spell, the damage is based on what the spell tells you to use. If it doesn't ask for a modifier, you don't get one. Most spells that do ask for a modifier use your "spell casting modifier," which is intelligence for wizards.