[RPG] How much does it cost to build or rent a building


A player playing a Paladin in my current D&D campaign has asked how much it would cost to build or rent a building to house his followers from the Leadership feat. It would only be a small premises, enough to house a handful of followers, but it'd need to be able to be upgraded should the need arise.

I applaud the players thinking around this so I'm going to allow it – I just haven't a clue how much this should cost. How much should I charge the player for building a new premises for this purpose and how long should it take to build in-game? Also, if a building were rented, what would be an appropriate weekly charge?

Best Answer

The 3.5 Dungeon Master's Guide contains a small table on building costs. Page 101.

But, for detailed guidelines on how to handle character-made buildings in 3E (including detailed cost and construction time rules), refer to the Stronghold Builder's Guidebook. It is a 3.0 book, but requires minimal updating.

As far as renting goes... you could calculate the building's cost, and decide on a PE Ratio (price-rent ratio in real estate) to get some kind of a guideline on how much you should be charging. D&D economics are not exactly fleshed out, though (and they probably shouldn't be), so you have a lot of freedom here.

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