[RPG] How much experience should a PC be worth


Long story short, I'm about to betray my party (by trying to kill them). I'm playing this betrayer on behalf of the GM. Assuming they defeat me, how much experience should they get? I am a level 14 Drow Psion.

Edit: Not sure if this will change the answers I've gotten so far, but I will have allies at my back when the betrayal fight goes down. 1 Drow leader-ish type, 3 Driders, and 5 Drow minions.

Edit 2: I didn't want to write the full context of the situation at first, as I didn't think it would make a difference to this particular question, but you can take a look at my answer to the linked question for full details.

Best Answer

If you will have other monsters in the encounter with you then talk to your DM. Have him set the XP budget for the encounter and then price yourself accordingly based on the other creatures in the encounter.

PCs are probably worth a variable amount depending on how much stuff they have, the quality of feats they have taken and the optimization of their character. Most likely a L14 character is probably worth significantly less than a L14 Solo. However, they are probably worth more than the average L14 monster of their same role.

Therefore, it makes more sense to me to figure out the XP needs of the encounter and just set the PC XP to fall within the budget, rather than trying to figure out exactly how much the PC is worth.