[RPG] How much loot (in GP) Should I be giving the players


I'm very new to DMing. So I wan't to get to a good start with the loot I give my players. We usually play in 2 hour sessions at college. This usually ends up being 1 days worth of in-game time. In this time I usually try to drop 2 Minor loot rewards, 1 Greater loot reward, and 0.5 Major loot reward (as I spread that over two 2-hour sessions).

How much loot (in GP) should I be giving my players each session to give them enough to pay for food and living, as well as purchase the occasional weapon or service?

I don't want to drown them in money, devaluing the feeling of opening a chest of wealth, but I also don't want to disappoint them by giving so little. Rather, just enough to keep them alive and going as well as ambitious to continue exploring dungeons and searching camp-sites. As I usually give rewards that are more sentimental or functional at the ends of quests (like Magic Items, Medals, Faction Invitations, and Benefits in the locations of the benefactor).

Because my players are changing in level and if similar DMs with different players refer to this question, could I please have an answer formatted to fit each level?

Best Answer

Chapter 7 of the Dungeon Master Guide has a nice set of tables regarding loot. I recommend giving them a chance. After having used them for a few session you will get to know how well they fit your DM style, and you'll be able to adjust the loot up or down as you feel appropriate.

A nice feature of the tables is that they take into account challenge rating and distinguish between individual loot and hoards. So you can use the first for most encounters and the later for when they have completed a mission or taken down the boss.