[RPG] How playable is Pathfinder at higher levels


I know this is rather subjective, yet I'm curious about your experience. We're considering switching to Pathfinder from DnD3.5, partly because we've always found problems with the playability of the higher levels of the latter. (The mechanics got a bit complicated, stuff hard to keep proper track of, powers too strong and so on.)

So, how easy is it to play Pathfinder at higher (let's say, 8+) levels in your opinion (compared to DnD3.5, primarily)?

Best Answer

There are no meaningful differences between high level play in 3.5 and Pathfinder. I find Pathfinder to be more fun and have some better designed bits such that it's 10% cleaner than 3.5e in general at all levels, but there's nothing specifically to address higher level play, so it'll just be 10% less of a PITA once you get to those levels.

In my group's experience, about level 12 is the last level where the fun to work ratio stays on the friendly side. We've run up to level 16 but were happy to stop there.

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