[RPG] How should one properly roleplay a Kender


For my first campaign ever, we are playing 2E DragonLance. I, not content with my usual lot, chose to play a female kender handler. The first playsession went well, but reading up on kenders (from kencyclopedia, for example) I found out that I roleplayed my character very flatly and un-kender-like. I wasn't curious, I was unreasonably cautious for a kender, I didn't 'handle' much (though that might have been because we didn't have much interesting stuff either), I didn't get into trouble.

For the second session, I want to improve this, but I'm also wary of falling to the other side: playing a 'realistic' kender might mean 'being a pain in the rear'. Many of us in the group are new to RPGs. I'm assuming (and could be wrong) that having to race to bail me out of troubles because I always go "Hey look, a big red dragon, cool! Let's check it out!" would not be fun. Dying because they decided not to help me would not be fun either.

What would you recommend I do to play a better kender but not be a pain to my group?

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By nature, a kender is always a pain to the rest of her adventuring party. So I'm going to look at how to roleplay a kender in such a way that you don't annoy the rest of your gaming group.

  • Use the curiosity as motivation and justification for what your character is doing. That means you should still move to maximize your effectiveness, but describe it from your characters point of view. For example, you won't simply say "I move into range", instead:

    I skip towards the tree that looks like my cousin. "Hi Cousin Tander!... Ohhhhh look! I bet I can hit the dragon with a stone now that I'm closer!" and roll your attack.

  • Don't let the curiosity carry you (as the player) away. You are in control and decide how close or far you range. The inquisitiveness does not mean charging ahead blindly in all situations. You can do much of the wandering that gives color to your character along the trail: butterfly!, entering the kitchen at the tavern.

Most Importantly:

  • Pay close attention to the other players at the table with you. If people are getting annoyed at you, pull back a bit for a while. Kender can be quiet and somber sometimes, too. Gaming is supposed to be fun, and that means paying attention to the mood of the group and not pushing too hard if the rest of the table isn't with you.

Basically, your kender should be antagonizing the other characters, without driving the other players at the table crazy.

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