[RPG] How to a caster cast personal spells on other creatures


Is there a class feature or magic item that enables a caster to cast on another creature a spell with a range of personal?

For example, the spell shield is a wonderful spell but rarely are folks other than arcane casters able to benefit from it.

The only method I know of is a caster having a familiar and sharing spells with it, which in this case does not help.

Best Answer

The easiest way to get that is to get infused extract from an Alchemist.

Also note that on the same page you can find this extract from the FAQ:

Can I use the infusion discovery to create an infused extract of a personal-range formula (such as true strike), which someone else can drink?

Yes, you can. The design team may decide to close this loophole in the next printing of the Advanced Player’s Guide.