[RPG] How to a level 20 warlock cast Magic Jar


An evil warlock has killed all but two of the party. He then proceeded to trap the party wizard, and cast Magic Jar on her to trap her in a sacred jewel that the other party member, a paladin, is honour-bound to preserve.

There's a large issue with this though: warlocks can't cast Magic Jar.

Not only is this warlock a warlock, they are a level 20 warlock. They can't, for example, have 19 levels in warlock and 1 in wizard, then have used a scroll to cast Magic Jar.

Anything else about the warlock is changeable. They can have any number of Epic Boons, any race, etc.

How can it be that they cast Magic Jar?

Best Answer

This Warlock knows how to cast Magic Jar

That's it. That's all it takes. This guy can just do that.

In 5e, NPCs don't need to follow Player Class restrictions or guidelines. Dragons don't have Sorcerer levels, but can do magic. The Master Thief doesn't have Rogue levels but gets Sneak Attack and Uncanny Dodge. Lich gets 18th-level Wizard Spellcasting but doesn't need a spellbook or arcane focus and has a +7 proficiency (not even level 20 wizards get that).

The rules for players simply do not apply to NPCs.