[RPG] How to achieve the highest possible Charisma at 20th level


I must keep the details secret, but I have to create a character which has highest possible charisma at 20th ECL (LA buyoff possible, which means character can be like 20 rogue death knight). It must work 24/7. It may not be granted by a class feature neither a racial feature unless it enhances the very ability of charisma (like Doomlord). However spell will be perfectly fine.

LA is acceptable, but not more than +3. Character must be humanoid.
Please give me the best recommendations.

Allowed resources are 3.0, 3.5, Dragon Magazine, Wizard archives. No homebrew, no artifacts. Gold is not an issue.

Best Answer

Disclaimer: The maximum theoretical answer is... as much as you want. An example being Pun-pun. Since those are not playable, this answer focuses on how getting a high Charisma without completely breaking the game.

Total: 99.

Starting from the basics:

  • Base Charisma score 18
  • Leveling points +5
  • Inherent bonus +5
  • Venerable +3

thus a minimum of 31.

A little cheese to sweeten the deal:

  • Lesser Aasimar for +2; type is Humanoid (Planetouched)
  • LA+0 Magic-Blooded template (Dragon Magazine #306, p. 50) for +2; type unchanged
  • LA+0 Unseelie Fey template (Dragon Compendium, p. 224) for +2; type changes to Fey
  • LA+1 Draconic template (Draconomicon, p. 150) for +2; type unchanged
  • LA+2 Half-Fey template (Fiend Folio, p. 90) for +4; type changes to Fey or if you prefer Obah Blessed template (Dragon Magazine #136, p.60), same bonus, type unchanged
  • LA+5 Suel Lich template (Dragon #339, p. 60) for +2; type changes to Undead
  • Polish with a bit of bloodline, such as the Celestial Bloodline (Unearthed Arcana, p.21), granting +1 at level 9

thus a bonus of +15.

Our type is now Fey (Planetouched), unless using Suel Lich, however taking the 1st-level feat Human Heritage (Races of Destiny, p. 152) turns it back to Humanoid (Human, Planetouched). It requires us to be of a half-human or human-descended race, I expect Lesser Aasimar to qualify, otherwise, what's the non-Aasimar part?

I prefer cheese with my cheese:

  • The Worm of Minauros magical location (Fiendish Codex II, p. 49), for +1 unnamed bonus; to be renewed every 30 days by committing an act of obeisance (if non-lawful) or a corrupt act (if non-evil)
  • A Pact with the Devil (Fiendish Codex II, p. 23), for +1 unnamed bonus; it tends to lead one toward damnation

thus another +2.

Picking the right classes:

  • A single level in the Dragon Devotee class (Races of the Dragon, p. 84), for an unnamed +2.
  • A single level in the Anointed Knight class (Book of Exalted Deeds, p. 49), for the Divine Clarity oil and an unnamed +1.
  • A single level in the Half-Water Elemental class for a racial +2 (Dragon #326, p. 89)
  • Two levels in the Half-Air Elemental class for a racial +2 (Dragon #326, p. 87)
  • Three level in the Half-Fire Elemental class for a racial +2 (Dragon #326, p. 88)
  • Four levels in the Ghost savage progression (http://archive.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/sp/20040117a) for an unnamed +4.
  • Six levels in the Warchief class (Miniatures' Handbook, p. 24), for an unnamed +6.
  • Eight levels in the Doomlord class (Planar Handbook variant, p. 47) for an unnamed +2.

thus another +21.

Picking the right feats:

  • Ability Enhancer (Dragon Compendium, p. 91), enhances the ability bonus of any Transmutation spell by another +2.

Picking the right spells:

  • From Zachiel's list, the Paladin's spell Righteous Aura [Abjuration] (Spell Compendium, p. 177) for +4 sacred bonus to Charisma; to be persisted.
  • The Bard's spell Snowsong [Enchantment] (Frostburn, p. 105), for +4 Morale bonus to Charisma; to be persisted.
  • The Cleric's spell Visage of the Deity, Greater [Transmutation] (Spell Compendium, p. 231), for +4 unnamed bonus to Charisma (if Good); to be persisted.
  • The Bard's spell Nixie's Grace [Transmutation] (Spell Compendium, p. 148), for +8 enhancement bonus to Charisma; to be persisted.

thus another +20, or +24 with the Ability Enhancer feat.

For persisting Bard spells, Divine Metamagic does not work; an Incantatrix (Player's Guide to Faerûn, p. 61) can, however, persist spells either through Cooperative Metamagic (2nd-level) or Metamagic effect (3rd-level).

Buying the right items:

  • The Command armor property (Defenders of the Faith, p. 23), for a +4 Competence bonus to Charisma.

thus another +4.

Knowing the wrong persons:

  • A Lilitu's Gift (Fiendish Codex I, p. 43), for +2 Profane bonus to Charisma, to be renewed every 24 hours. Makes alignment drifts toward Chaotic, perfect to balance the Worm of Minauros!

thus another +2.

For now, that's a grand total of 99.

Of course, how to manage a deal to get all those is an exercise for the reader... A Cleric/Sublime Chord/Eldrich Master with the Alternative Source Spell feat could get most of it I'm told, which would most probably be foregoing a few of the suggested classes (starting with the Doomlord).

Among other things, I picked ideas from Ways to increase Charisma?, which includes some builds and The most cost effective way of boosting charisma? and I have not read them fully.

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