[RPG] How to acquire free two-player D&D Basic/Expert adventures


My girlfriend and I have the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules Set 1, Expert Rule Book, and Game Adventure Book. We're looking for free two-player adventures which we could run by ourselves. We'd like them to be simple and straight-forward, as we are beginners. How can I go about finding this kind of adventure?

Best Answer

Go to Drivethrurpg and select the rules system "D&D" and the subsystem "Basic/BECMI" then sort by price (resulting page). This includes several free beginner adventures for B/X D&D but you'll have to search the list to find the ones that meet your needs.

There is also a shared spreadsheet of products released in the OSR (a loosely affiliated set of people who enjoy older RPGs, especially older D&D). This has a type column you can sort or filter to get only adventures. It also includes costs so you can filter for free materials.

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