[RPG] How to an NPC replace some pages of a book with different pages, without leaving a trace of manipulation


A NPC in my adventure (set in Eberron), which I lead as DM, wants to replace some maps in a book with different maps. The person removes the maps by cutting out the pages containing them and somehow inserts the different maps to "repair" the missing pages. How can they do this?

The motivation of the person is to mislead the party without leaving a trace.

Mending does not work, according to this Q&A: Can the Mending cantrip affix any surface to any other surface?

Best Answer

Re-bind the book

If your NPC cuts the page from the book and joins it this might be quite obvious. However, if they pull the book apart, remove the entire signature (which will usually be several pages - in most modern books an octavo [16] pages but older books were often folios [4 pages]), replace that and rebind the book.

This isn't hard or particularly time-consuming if you know how and have the equipment and would be virtually undetectable. The only clues would be the quality of the paper and the forgery.

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