[RPG] How to as a DM create a smart phone-like spell/device the players could use


My players are setting up a large nexus of guilds from my empire and one or two they made up themselves across several cities. They are having a hard time sending long messages to and from each other, and hiring a mage is not an option.

How can I, as DM, set up a multi-use system for them to send maps, long messages, money, basically anything small to and from places a few hundred miles apart fairly quickly?

I'm looking for a way to homebrew a device that can send and receive the things listed above from wherever my players are in the world.

Best Answer

Speaking stones

Speaking stones (WGtE, p. 44) allow for repeated long-distance communication. The stones allow for the holder to send a short message to any other speaking stone. [H/T Ryan Thompson]

Galder's speedy courier

The Galder's speedy courier spell (LLoK, p. 57) allows for instantaneous long-distance transport of small items. Adding the ability to cast Courier to the Speaking Stones from above should allow for limited transport of the required items. Longer or more detailed messages can be written and included in the courier.

Modifying the restrictions of the above to allow for use at the desired frequency and carrying capacity and you should have a (mostly RAW) network of devices that fulfills your needs and assists your players.

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