[RPG] How to avoid focusing too much on one player character


Currently in the game I'm running, one of my players is constantly excited about the game. Outside of the game, he writes pages and pages of material about his character, and consistently adds new facets to his backstory. This is great for me to work with, since he's creating a treasure trove of plot hooks and character points. The issue comes with the other players. Because I'm receiving so much rich lore from this character, I tend to have less for the other characters to explore. It would be unfair to tell this player to stop creating what he loves doing as part of his game, but I want to find ways of including the other characters' backstories into the game equally.

What can I do to avoid centering the plot around this character, and incorporate the other player characters more deeply into the story? It's a Pathfinder game, if that helps.

EDIT:. Accepting this is less acceptable of an outcome here, as my my players have at one point explicitly or implicitly expressed their desire to be more included in the overarching plot.

Best Answer

Enlist the help of your Creative Player to involve the others.

CP is very creative and he is clearly motivated with the game. Explain him you have to focus on the other players and use hooks for them, so he could help you creating those hooks, being in character (he ask the other PCs favours that involve them) or totally out of character (he makes up that an old enemy is looking for one of the PCs).

Ideally, each player would create his own hooks, but some players are not so motivated, so creative, or they lack the time to dedicate so much effort in the game. So, using CP to give you and the other players plot ideas is less than ideal but better than nothing situation.