[RPG] How to balance giving the party a teamwork feat


I decided that in my campaign, I wanted to train the PCs so that they'd be a bit better prepared for the harsh conditions they've gone through, and also just to make things a bit more interesting.

In 3.5e, there were teamwork benefits that could be collected every so many levels, provided a everyone in the part met certain prerequisites. Now, they are entirely separate feats. How can I balance giving the PCs a free teamwork feat?

Best Answer

Balance is overrated. You want to give them the feat so they'd be better prepared, aka stronger, right? Now they are. The original intent is to deviate from RAW balance for a good reason. There is no cosmic balance you need to serve beyond that. If they are appropriately powered for your personal game, they are balanced by definition.

Unless you erred and they are using that teamwork feat to run roughshod over all their opponents, and that's unlikely because the teamwork feats aren't all that good, you are fine. Teamwork feats are very weak and no one ever takes them voluntarily - even classes that give them for free end up having to augment them with abilities that let you pretend other people in the group have them. So the amount of powerup is likely quite modest. Go for it.

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