[RPG] How to be a pirate in the third imperium


How is piracy conducted in the Third Imperium? Does it all take place within 100D of a space port, as ships travel to or from their jump location? Or is there a way to waylay victims during a jump?

The goal for me is to find viable ways of doing piracy in space using traveller rules and Third Imperium setting. So far the only one I really see is doing it in vicinity of a hub.

Best Answer

In Mongoose traveller (v1) there is a small paragraph detailing how piracy works in that version.

  1. Ambushing ships travelling in normal space between moons and colonies.
  2. Lurking around the 100D limit hitting ships as they prepare to jump.
  3. Pirates who have spies and agents in a space port who identify ships that are suitable to attack (high value cargo or lower defence ratings). This may allow the pirates to sabotage the ship to cause a misjump that drops the victims at specific point where the pirates are waiting.

You can also have them lurking around gas giants to hit freighters scooping up unrefined fuel to save money.

Another option is a planet or set of planets with very low law levels where there is no protection from authorities. But then you as referee would have to come up with a good enough reason why anyone would come to such a dangerous area.

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