[RPG] How to benefit from skirmish as a high BAB ranged and melee scout


I know that as a scout progresses he gets more attacks/round from his BAB. if using both attacks or all three is a full round action how can he gain the benefit from his skirmish which requires him to move at least 10 ft?

Best Answer

The best resource for this is KRyan's answer to his own question, "What are the best ways to move and full-attack in the same round?"

Add to his list the following:

  • The shoulders slot item shadow cloak (DrU 101) (5,500 gp; 1 lb.) as an immediate action 3/day grants the wearer the ability to teleport up to 10 ft.
  • The feet item boots of sidstepping (MIC 78) (6,000 gp; 0 lbs.) as an immediate action 3/day grants the wearer the ability to take a 5-ft. step even if the wearer's already taken a 5-ft. step or move action this turn.
  • The slotless item sparring dummy of the master (AE 137) (30,000 gp; 40 lbs.) grants a creature with at least 1 level of monk the ability to move 10 ft. when taking 5-ft. steps. Training with the dummy takes 4 weeks. This forces the scout into monk (or forces him to find a DM generous enough to allow the scout to employ the Use Magic Device skill to fake monk-ness), and as this item wasn't updated to D&D 3.5 the DM may rule it's unavailable.
  • The feat Sidestep (MH 28) as a nonaction 1/round grants the creature the ability, after the creature attacks, to take a 5-ft. step instead of making an attack of opportunity. To use this to activate skirmish, the scout must take a 5-ft. step, make at least one attack as part of his full attack routine, and then somehow force a threatened creature to provoke an attack of opportunity from him during his full attack. Difficult to use and not recommended.