[RPG] How to build a Celestial Warlock as a primary healer


This will be my first time playing a Warlock class and I built a concept that resulted in an Aasimar Celestial Warlock. The party has plenty of potential healers but none with a class that focuses on it quite like the Celestial.

By the looks of it, I can not determine if it is possible to be the primary healer like they want me to be with just my Celestial given Warlock abilities as a single class. With only two 3rd level slots (then 3 slots for the long forseeable future) and no Invocations what so ever that help me heal, I wont be using a lot of Cure Wounds when better offense presents itself.

Are there any Adventurer League legal builds, multiclass or otherwise, I could consider that will help me play the role of healer efficiently?

Using 27 point buy as a level 6 character.

Party composition:

  • Bard/Hexblade Warlock

  • Storm Herald Barbarian

  • War Mage Wizard

  • Rogue/Lore Bard

  • Paladin

Best Answer

The Healing Light feature gives you a bonus action which basically replaces the Healing Word spell — which you don't get.

You're going to be leaning heavily on that, because your selection of healing spells is limited — the warlock doesn't have any on its normal list (except some necromancy stuff, which only heals you), so all you have are those from the Celestial Expanded Spells feature: Cure Wounds, Revivify, and Lesser and Greater Restoration.

At 6th level, it is probably going to be fine. You're missing the "big guns" like Mass Cure Wounds and Heal, but those aren't available to anyone at this level. And fortunately, you've got bards for the Song of Rest, so your party has short-rest healing benefits available.

I don't think you need to do anything particularly special to "build" this — just avoid focusing on other things that will consume your bonus action for Healing Light. You could look at the Healer feat, but in most cases going for straight Charisma boost is going to do more — it increases the number of dice you can spend at once on Healing Light, and significantly improves all of your non-healing stuff, while the feat just gives you a weak alternative to the Cure Wounds spell you already have. The Acolyte background would give you story-based access to temple services, which might be handy depending on the game and setting ­— but it sounds like you already have a background in mind.

For a Charisma-based divine caster, you may look instead at the Divine Soul sorcerer — you could generally flavor this to fit many similar story ideas, and you'd have access to the full cleric spell list (and twinned Healing Word is awesome).

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