[RPG] How to build a defensively focused Battlemind at level 1


Can someone give a good idea to get a defensive Battlemind build that will work well with the following party at level 1?

  • Drow Warlock (dark pact),
  • Longtooth shifter ranger,
  • Dwarf Healing cleric (Hopefully),
  • Goliath Barbarian
  • and soon to be a Battlemind,

We need a good tank to take a lot of damage.

Best Answer

Step 1: read the handbook. Battlemind is a delightful class, but complicated.

Step 2: Read the art of defending. and MMO mentality. Defenders who try to get everyone in the battle to focus on them... die. The battlemind will be protecting the squishy warlock, and should aim to take 2-3 monsters on at a time.

Some notes:

A wis secondary will get you battle resilience and Iron Fist. Grab Vicious Cobra Strike as your second at-will, and make sure to have a heavy shield and scale armor. Living fortress does what it says on the tin, as cover makes you even more annoying to hit. Oaken Resilience at level 2 gives you another resist, and Shade Strike at 3 gives you concealment. Aim towards getting Radiant Recovery through Deva Heritage if you want more THP as well.

With THP from RR, and concealment from shade form, it's quite possible to go through a battle without taking damage. At level 1, you will take damage, but the leader should have you right as rain in no-time. Make sure you're getting the THP from the leader until you can generate your own.

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