[RPG] How to build a master magic item crafter/blacksmith type character?


So I had this idea for a character who is basically obsessed with magic items, making, collecting, using, having, any and every magic item he can get his hands on: effectively a batman type character.

I was thinking something along the lines of a Dwarf Wizard. That way he's already a good craftsman and gets access to the magic item creation feats, but I'm not sure exactly how to build it with good prestige classes or other features to take in order to get everything I want.

I want a character who has a magic item for every possible situation that he would encounter. I want random magic items that don't have any useful function, (i.e. jewelry that can be made to rattle or stay quiet, A belt that will wind itself around your waist, etc.) What's the best build for this character?

Best Answer

Artificer! It's a class based around making and using magic items. It's exactly what you're looking for and a powerful class to boot.

Instead of spells, you get a short list of "infusions" (spells) that boost your magic items.

But the best part is an allowance of free XP to be used on magic items at each level. You get all of basic item creation feats (Scrible scroll, brew potion, craft wondrous item, craft magic arms and armor craft rod, craft staff, forge ring) as bonus feats. At 5th level you can reclaim experience points used to create item from already existing one and use them to create a new one. It starts pretty thin (you can make a few scrolls and potions at early levels) but by level ten you can have several wands or magic items kicking around. With some cheesy feat stacking you can cast multiple charges out of your wand (scorching ray is best) and be looking at 40d6 of damage by mid levels.

The class is found in the Eberron Campaign Setting.

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