[RPG] How to calculate the HP of a level 20 Barbarian NPC with the Tough feat?


I'm a first time DM and I'm struggling with sorting out HP for a half orc NPC.

I rolled his HP and he has the tough feat that I gave him at level 4, so I know, at max, he gets 40 to his HP, but I'm unsure of how to actually calculate the total.

His CON is 22 and I rolled a total of 139 with the hit die + (12 hp + 4) for the first level.

What is the character's total HP?

Best Answer

Normally, Monsters and NPCs use a different system for Hit Points, however Hit Points from class levels are a combination of class hit-die rolls/averages, constitution modifiers, and (if applicable), any feats or extra abilities (such as hill dwarves or draconic sorcerers).

Constitution modifiers apply to every level, not just the levels after the modifiers were gained/increased.

So, at level 20, with a 22 Constitution, and the tough feat, we have:

  • 12 from first level
  • The 139 HP you rolled
  • 120 HP from Constitution (modifier of 6 * 20 levels)
  • 40 from the tough feat (2 per level, 20 levels)

311 HP

As a note, if you had taken the "recommended" hp of 7 per level and 12 at first level, you would have gotten 305HP, instead.