[RPG] How to Cast Reincarnate On Yourself After You Have Died


I am wondering how a single-classed druid would go about casting Reincarnate on herself after she has died (if such is even possible)?

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Check this out. Have a magic item forged that casts this spell on you when you use it. That should just about cover everything you need.

Have a wizard forge a magical item for you. He'll cast Contingency and you'll cast Reincarnate. From there, it's just a standard Craft check.

EDIT: There is one tiny thing I overlooked. In Pathfinder, Contingency can only be cast once until the conditions are met, and the Contingency is expended. Depends on your DM, but if he likes, he could reasonably enforce that the wizard can't cast Contingency again until the item is used or destroyed. Something to think about.

EDIT 2: @Molot has provided a fairly simple solution to the Contingency issue.

Buy a scroll and UMD it, or ask a wizard who does not have contingency among his spells known to cast it for you. Or skip the wizzie altogether and let Druid create that item, "access through another magic item" is vague, there is no restriction that says there must be someone able to actually use source item directly.

I don't think it would work as easy as Molot says, since the spell restriction itself says:

You can use only one contingency spell at a time; if a second is cast, the first one (if still active) is dispelled.

This means that using the scroll would still impose the Contingency restriction on the caster, even if they aren't even a wizard and are UMD'ing it, as far as I can tell. Still, if you can find someone else willing to do it for you, you're good, or even if the Druid can make the item himself like he also suggested.

Although, this all kind of hinges on how your DM interprets "dispels" in this context. If they think that the magic is tied to the item completely, then so be it, it stays once the wizard casts Contingency elsewhere. But it seems like it would also be reasonable for him to say that the ring loses its effect if the caster uses Contingency elsewhere, or perhaps until the other Contingency is resolved. I don't really know how I'd handle it personally as a DM.

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