[RPG] How to compensate for a Warforged’s lack of healing


Our Pathfinder in Eberron group has a Warforged barbarian. As such, she has the most health, takes the most damage, and is the hardest to heal (No natural healing, half healing from spells). This presents a problem, both in keeping her up in combat and healing her between combats.

What we've got so far:

  • The craft skill for downtime healing.
  • The artificer Repair Light Damage infusion.
  • Divine healing in a pinch.
  • Infernal Healing as a last resort (effective but would probably result in the party killing or banishing my character).

That's less than ideal since it's relying almost entirely on our artificer.

Low level, RAW solutions are preferred but all are welcome. Both Pathfinder and 3.5 material are allowed.

Best Answer

The repair light/moderate/heavy/critical damage spells from the Eberron books?

Will work as cure light/moderate/heavy/critical wounds.

Sor/wiz, artificer and spellthief only. A cleric can get access to some of these by choosing the Warforged domain.

Also, Total Repair (artificer 6 and warforged domain 8) is the equivalent of heal, and should keep you going for a long time.