[RPG] How to convert AD&D 1st Edition modules to 2nd Edition


I want to play a bunch of 1st Edition AD&D modules in my 2nd Edition campaign, but I have only ever played 2e so my knowledge of 1st Edition is only very basic.

What would I need to do to make a conversion from the older AD&D to 2E? I am thinking monster stats, and so on.

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The differences between AD&D 1st edition and AD&D 2nd edition is very small 2nd edition is merely a polished version of 1st edition so you shouldn't really have a problem using 1st edition modules in 2nd edition.

I asked a similar question here the answer by aramis offers a comprehensive detailing of the differences between the editions which might be of some assistance.

Also I took a look at the differences in the stat blocks from AD&D 1st and AD&D 2nd editions and they are basically identical, the 2nd edition stat blocks are just a little more organized.

I haven't played 2nd edition but I have used 2nd edition campaign settings and adventure modules in my AD&D 1st edition campaigns and I had absolutely no trouble using them, there wasn't anything i found incompatible. I basically did what your trying to do but in reverse and it worked out fine.

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