[RPG] How to create a playable monster in DnD 5e


In the 3.5e we had the level adjustment, but I didn't find it or any rule talking about it, on the 5e.

How can I create a Vampire or a Lycanthrope or a Half-Dragon? There is a mention about "as player" but there is no restriction or "how to" to make my own character.

Best Answer

There are two options here:

  • Create a template (or use one of the templates provided by the monster manual). For Vampires it's outlined on pg 295, for Lycanthropes it's outlined on pg 207, half dragon is outlined on pg 180.

  • Use the custom race construction rules on dmg pg 285-287.

These provide the by the book rules for these possibilities. There is no LA in 5e.