[RPG] How to deal with a Chaotic Evil player character as a player


I am taking part in a campaign supposed to be a normal hero adventure. One of our players, who is a first timer to DnD and never really claimed an alignment at the start of the campaign, has pretty much become a Chaotic evil character: stealing from absolutely anyone, attacking people unprovoked, refusing to help at all even when the story revolves around us helping others out.

When we started our campaign this character didn't have any alignment listed at all. The chaotic evil actions surprised every single one of us including the DM, whom did say that we were supposed to be the heroes of this campaign. He's even been trying to show her that her constant theft isn't profitable giving her a few measly copper but her behavior hasn't changed at all. A lot of us have been trying to talk her out of her actions but she continues to persist.

Since I am not the DM I'm not really able to take matters into my own hands but I am worried that this character will have a devastating effect on the campaign, especially when I see the other players' frustrated reactions to her actions such as stealing in plain sight from NPCs we're currently talking to.

We've even had our giant fighter try and grapple her just so she wouldn't murder the guy we were currently talking to for no reason. Besides telling the DM about my frustrations is there anything I could do in game, in character to try and deal with this potentially destructive player and show her that her chaotic evil personality is becoming frustrating to the rest of the group?

Best Answer

Here's the problem you are having: it doesn't actually make sense for your group to be adventuring together. There's a bunch of do-gooders plus one person who actively sabotages the rest of them. Why is that person on the team? Why are they friends?

Of course the actual reason these characters are hanging out together is because the players are all sitting around the same table, and you feel it would be rude to ask her character to leave.

Many DMs will have rules for this: they'll say "please create a character that wants to do the adventure and gets along with the other characters." You might try asking your DM to enforce a rule like that.

An in-game solution to your problem would be to roleplay accurately. Have your character call the other characters together. Explain why your character is unhappy. Tell them you don't want to be part of an adventuring group with this other character any more. Tell them you're leaving, and you're starting your own adventuring party, and everyone is invited except for the troublemaker.

But in general, the way D&D games work is that you stay in them as long as you're having fun. If you stop having fun, you try and have a conversation about why you're not having fun, and see if there's a way to fix it. If that doesn't work, you leave the game and find a different game.

Good luck with it.