[RPG] How to deal with a really persuasive character


I'm currently running a 5e campaign and one of my players has pretty much maxed out his persuasion ability very early on in the campaign.

I don't recall exactly what he has but he rolls more often in the high twenties/ low thirties than not. He absolutely loves to roll persuasion checks.

I'm wondering how to handle this and tell a story without railroading, since checks that high are supposed to be almost godlike feats. A lot of the story is starting to devolve to the party meeting an NPC and then pretty much getting the NPC to do whatever they want through persuasion. It hasn't gotten too bad yet, but I'm afraid of what can happen if this is left unchecked.

I don't wanna ignore good roles or cheat at NPC roles though, so how do I balance the game?

Best Answer

I'm not familiar with fifth edition, but I can offer some general advice on dealing with high social skills.

His massive bonus on his social skills does not mean he can convince an NPC to do everything. No matter how well you ask wizard to hand you his spellbook whenever you please, he's going to say no. And no matter how flattering you sound, that lord is not going to give you his castle for free.

At the end of the day, rolls aren't everything. Some things will just not happen no matter how nice you ask it. This is no different from real life. I can't convince you to give me the entire sum of your bank account no matter how I ask it.

Same goes for lying.

Don't be scared of high checks

Try to stay reasonable. If he is trying to convince a guard that he is the king of the castle, the guard will know he's lying because he simply knows the truth. At most the guard will believe that the player thinks he is the king of the castle and will probably dismiss him as a crazy person.