[RPG] How to defend from Mind Flayer’s psionic blast


Is there an efficient way to defend from illithid's psionic blast except with an high will save? Item, spell…?

Best Answer

Be immune to being stunned.

Through spells:

The easiest way to do that is using any spell that changes your type into undead, elemental, construct, plant or ooze, or give you immunity to stunning right away.

Favor of the martyr and elemental body, both from Spell Compendium, do the work just fine. Favor of the martyr gets special mention for having a lot of other immunities, including the rare and coveted daze immunity.

Through items:

Ernir's Lists of Necessary Magic Items has a list of helpful items for every situation, including giving immunities to stun.

  • Third Eye Clarity (MIC). 3000GP, face slot. Once per day, negate the Stun as an immediate action. Can negate other nasty stuff too. Great pick.
  • Talisman of Undying Fortitude (MIC). 8000GP, held. Swift action activation, gives you lots of undead immunities for 3 rounds, including stun.
  • Banner of the Storm's Eye (MIC). 15000GP, held or shoulders slot. Negates stunning and other nasty stuff for you and your allies. Top pick.
  • Wakeful Mind graft (FoE). 14000GP, slotless. Other minor benefits, including no longer needing to sleep. Also makes you slightly less healthy and less knowledgeable, but that's the price you pay for having robot components embedded in your head.
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