[RPG] How to determine the Spell Save and Spells Per Day


I have a copy of the 3rd Edition PHB (take note: that's 3e, not 3.5e,)and decided to make a few characters using the official character sheet from the back of the book.

Based on what I've learned from 4th Ed., I've filled out most of the sheet, but a few things are confusing, though, and reading through the book and looking online hasn't helped.

In the back of the sheet there's an area for Spells. In there, there's 2 columns of check boxes for "Spell Save DC" and "Spells Per Day". Above that, there is a label "Spell save" and a box called "DC MOD". How do I figure out what to put there?

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Spells per day

Spells per day is based on your character class, character level and primary stat. Let us take a wizard for example (primary stat is intelligence), at level 1 he has 3 level 0 spells and 1 level 1 spell, our wizard has an intelligence of 16 which would give him a bonus level 1, level 2 and level 3 spell. He doesn't get the last 2 yet since he does not have access to those yet.

Concludingly our wizard has 3 level 0 and 2 level 1 spell (1 from wizard + 1 from intelligence).

Spell save

GMJoe allready pointed this out in the comments but the DC for a spell is simply a 10 + the spell's level + your primary ability modifier (intelligence for our wizard), resulting in a DC 14 for a level 1 spell (10 + 1 + 3), this would mean filling in a 14 in the spell save DC column (left of 1), 1 for spells per day (level 1 ) and 1 bonus spell. I would put a 3 in the DC mod as that is your intelligence modifier (altho I have never even looked in that box myself).

I assume that the level 0 values are easy to solve yourself now?


Special cases

KRyan's comment brings us to to field of non core classes. I used a wizard as example in my answer but some classes use different stats than one might expect. The favored soul for example is a cleric like caster class that uses Charisma instead of Wisdom for bonus spells but still uses Wisdom to determine spell save, in effect, she has two primary stats being Charisma and Wisdom.


The key point is to check what the primary stat or stats is/are for the class of your choice.

The majority of the classes use the same stat for spells per day and spell save (i.e. Wizard, Cleric and Druid) while some classes use a different stat for spells per day and spell save (i.e. Favored Soul)

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