[RPG] How to determine treasure for characters who aren’t materialistic


I am putting together a campaign for my daughters – late high school / early college age – using the SW5e ruleset. Effectively, this is a total conversion of the standard D&D 5e rules into the Star Wars universe.

My daughters are most drawn to the classes that fall under the Jedi archetypes. As such, in the Star Wars universe there are not a lot of obvious rewards that make sense. At this point I expect there to be no non-Jedi characters in the party.

  • They would not (necessarily) claim treasure found in the course of an adventure
  • Even if they claimed loot, they wouldn't have an in-universe use for it: Their basic needs for clothing, weapons, even transport, are provided by the Jedi Order. For example, most Jedi use their lightsaber almost exclusively, and it's the same saber they've had since they were younglings.

How can I provide treasure that is impactful to them without having them sacrifice their altruistic ideals? I want them to feel like they're getting something without making them feel like they are doing something that isn't in line with their character design.

Best Answer

Non Treasure Rewards

The 5e DMG (Chapter 7) has a substantial section about rewards other than treasure. Examples include Blessings of various kinds, meaningful and magical Charms handed to the characters, very powerful Boons, and (most relevantly) various Marks of Prestige.

Marks of Prestige will probably be your most common rewards.

  • Letters of Recommendation, and other personalized introductions, can give the characters easier access to information, immediate resources, emergency aid, and interesting NPCs that the Order is unable to provide, or unable to provide in time.
  • Medals are formal acknowledgements of courage and success, that can provide in-story benefits when dealing with NPCs.
  • Parcels of Land, Special Rights, and Titles are excellent ways for local governments to reward planet-hopping adventurers; lots of prestige and nominal rewards but little practical cost to the government.
  • Strongholds are similar to parcels of land, but expected to be used for military purposes.
  • Training is a reward that can grant lots of cool abilities.

Good luck!