[RPG] How to discourage players from rushing


I recently started GMing for my D&D group, and it was my first time as GM. My group often tries to rush through things before I can describe their environment ( ex: running through a cave before I can say "there are 3 goblins blocking your path"). I don't know haw I should discourage them from rushing and interrupting me so much. I have brought it up with them but they continue to do it. How should I discourage them from doing this?

Best Answer

Step 1: Talk to them

If this is bothering you, bring it up at the table. Just explain that you'd like to finish describing the scene and they're cutting you off. Maybe you can work it out without having to do anything else. Remember that your goal as a GM is for the players to have fun, but you should be having fun too. If you're not having fun because of this, it's an issue to discuss with them.

Step 2: Be Patient

Are these new players? Because they sound pretty excited, which is good! But experienced players don't tend to rush so quickly, because sooner or later those "3 goblins blocking the path" are going to be "a wall of fire" or "a giant pit trap" or "a sleeping dragon who is rather unhappy you woke him up".

Eventually not looking around before leaping in is going to get them into trouble. You will then simply have to not let them backtrack on what they did, and watch them fight out of it. That can lead to some memorable moments, and be a teaching experience all on its own.

Step 3: Don't let them

If you don't want to do that (or it doesn't work), your last option is simply to not let them. When they say "I run in!", just tell them they can't do anything until you finish your description, and keep going. This will likely annoy them, though. It's usually better to let their excitement get them into trouble on its own, rather then you reacting negatively to it.