[RPG] How to dismount a rider


What is the mechanism to dismount an opponent in mounted combat? What are the rolls?

The only rules for an "unseat" action I've found are the unseat feat, which enables a lance-wielding rider to get a free bullrush attempt against another rider. If successful, the other rider automatically falls off his mount and prone.

Best Answer

While not tripping, there are various things that could work as they do allow you to move opponents in various ways. It might however come down to DM variance.

Drag: Grabbing the target and hauling him out of the saddle by main force(straight backward)

Bull-Rush: May need a jump check(Flying tackle)

Reposition: Drag an opponent around(with the exception that it must remain remain within reach)

There is also the feat Pushing Assault(APG)(you need power attack, STR 15, BAB 1 and a two handed weapon as pre-reqs) which lets you push an opponent backward.

There are also the monster abilities Pull and Push that do much the same as Drag/Bull-Rush(with the limit of it must be a smaller creature than the monster)

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