[RPG] How to efficently create the biggest demiplane


The create demiplane spell family has a lot of interesting and versatile uses, but suffers from a frustrating size restraint. This limit prevents you from ever creating more than a generous apartment sized demiplane expansion at a time. In order to increase efficiency and stretch your hard earned coin farther, you can increase your caster level for each casting. So, my question is as follows:

What is the highest caster level you can achieve for a single casting of greater create demiplane? (Or what other method can efficiently create the largest demiplane?)

This is in a hypothetical level 20 tier 10 vacuum where all Paizo options are available.

Best Answer

Cast Genesis instead of Create Demiplane.

Genesis doesn't scale with caster level, but a single casting produces 2.44*10^7 ft^3, which is equivalent to a CL1221 Greater Create Demiplane; and has about the same monetary cost too. Multiple castings of Genesis are even more efficient, expanding your demiplane cubically: the 2nd adds 3.35*10^7 ft^3, the 3rd adds 5.52*10^7 ft^3, the 4th adds 8.23*10^7 ft^3, etc.

Drawbacks: It's a domain-only spell. And Genesis's speed is fixed in the spell description, and thus can't be cheesed by methods that reduce casting time; so this is optimizing volume per gp, not per time.

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