[RPG] How to format a Dungeons and Dragons 4e character sheet such that players are more likely to remember (and use) their class features


In a game I play in, almost all of the players routinely forget to use and apply their class features that do not appear as powers. The players forget their class features and little-used powers due to the once-a-month nature of the game and the high player death rate.

What do I need to add, in what format, to the character sheets (as I'm responsible for producing the group character sheets from character builder) such that they can remember class features more effectively?

Are there any pre-formatted resources that can be included as an attachment?

Best Answer

From Bryant's answer to this question, you could check out Weem's 4e D&D Combat Sheet for some ideas. It's got places next to your defenses where you can write down any abilities/items/powers that might trigger off a hit or a miss against you, a place next to your attack bonus for putting down abilities that trigger on yourself hitting or missing a target, etc, all on a single page.